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Spreading you hard as I push into you

Spreading you hard
as I push my cock into.
You’re shaking
under the pain of the force
that I’m using
as I reach you inner wetness.
It’s a hard ride,
at first,
as I push in and out,
great friction as our flesh rips slightly,
but slowly
your wetness spreads
and your rocking with the motion
of me putting my cock to you.

You told me how you wanted this,
how you were ready for me to be inside of you
and now I’m sure
that you were just teasing me a bit,
as your pussy is tight,
not one with a lot of mileage,
but surely
your sweet lips have told many
timid boys
how you wanted the same thing.

Well, I wasn’t willing to go home
with a swollen crotch
and a fantasy
so now your writhing about
as the length of my cock bangs your uterus,
and the width splits you apart.

I couldn’t have hoped for more than this tonight.

Waiting to touch your hot flower


Your so hot,
as your folds and curves wait
to receive me.
You wait
in anticipation,
and I’m as eager for this as you are.
My heart’s pumping
and my adrenaline is shooting,
as I know that soon
I’ll be cupping your perfect breasts
rolling your nipples between my fingers.
Your hot wetness
makes me so excited
that I want to drain myself in you
a thousand times,
and make you beg for it
to stop
only for you to come so hard
that you can’t help
but cry tears of joy.
I want your sex.
I want to roll my tongue
against your perfect flowering labia
and give all of myself to you,
over and over again.

Driving my hand in, caressing myself

Link to full video here


This,right here,
as close as I can
get to you
right now,
driving my hand
into my wet snatch,
caressing myself,
and thinking of
I wish that you
were here,
touching me
instead of being
in some
far off desert,

I’m in a desert
without you,
no drink
to quench my thirst,
no taste to touch my mouth.

I was struck by the thought
of you, and decided that
this might bring
us closer,
you’re in me now,
caressing my breasts
as you drive your full length into me.
You bite my nipples
and straddle me,
locking my hips against yours.
It all gets to be too much,
and I stop resisting.
You push yourself deeply
into me,
and we both become tense.
I feel waves building,
and soon I’m coming
with my hot labes
wrapped around
your cock.
My convulsive orgasm
and the tightening of my
wetness makes holding off
much harder to resist
and soon,
you’re coming,
working your hips
against me,
and writhing
as you fill me with your
hot love.
We lay there
as one,

Looking around,
I flip the phone video off
and for now
I’m at ease,
while a lonely and
incomplete whole
still yearns for you.

Come home soon.

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I need your hot cock, now

Put it in me.
I want to feel your cock
inside of me.
Touching myself
and wanting
to be one with you.
I love the feel of your cock inside of me,
time and again,
it’s so familiar,
it’s like home
and I yearn for it
I’ll just leave my desk,
go to the bathroom
away from the office,
in a quiet stall,
and finger
fuck myself
thinking about how hot and
I am for you to put yourself in me.
Your balls banging
against my asshole,
and you rubbing my clit
the way you do
as you work me over.

New Erotica Serial Web Fiction

I’ve posted the first in what will be an on-going web series at a new site: Home… of Solace and Light.

If you like what you’ve read here, then you’re sure to like the new series, as it’s more, a lot more and a lot longer.


– Jace

That sweet spot

There’s that spot you touch on my clit. The way you move your tongue just right, it makes me so fucking horny. Lick me, press your tongue against me and then move it around my labes. I’m so wet for you, can you tell. I want to taste your cock in my mouth. I want the taste of your cock on my lips. You’ve earned it, you lick my pussy so good, you work it so hard that I want to get you back, I want to give the way that I receive. Oh, yes, right there, slip your tongue in my asshole and oh, the way you’re fingering my pussy makes me so hot. Oh, keep it up, oh press harder, I’m going to come, oh… Oh…. ahh…. I’m speechless, because words will do how I feel no service, come here and put that cock in me now…